Where do we go?

- Epic Day Tours focus on connections with Exceptional People In our Community and Epic Places In Our City and we source tours that meet those expectations! People book to experience the scenery and attractions, sure—but to really connect with the Aussie way of life and learn what makes us different from everywhere else in the country, you have to meet actual locals. And let’s face it, getting to know the locals is a great way to hear about the state’s best-kept secrets, go to favourite local restaurants, and avoid falling prey to the usual tourist traps. In short, it’s the best way to not just see our beautiful countryside, but experience everything that makes the area unique. - Our day tours are generally within 250km Mandurah, including: Epic views and diverse landscapes; interesting attractions; country gardens and wildflowers; museums and points of interest; wineries and Breweries; beautiful beaches and we are always open to suggestions too!

When do we run our tours?

We operate most days, except; on those days when the venues are closed, Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Anzac Day.

All tours are subject to availability.

Where’s our pick up point?

We will actually pick you up from home, wherever practical, or an organised pick up point. Speak to us upon booking and we’ll let you know.

What time will you pick us up?

Depending on where we go, who is joining us and where they live, pick up times will vary. As our logistics hostess, Christine will organise times and advise you via telephone a couple of days prior to the day.

What time will we get home?

The time we get home depends on where we go, who is joining us and where they live, and what the traffic is like on the day. We generally like to get you home in time for the evening news with a cup of tea.

Is it okay to come along by myself? Will I feel safe touring alone?

Absolutely yes and yes!! You will be in a supportive, all-inclusive and fully hosted group.

What’s included in the price?

Day Tours usually include morning tea and/or lunch and entry into wherever we’re going. This will, however, be mentioned in the description on our brochure and website.

Epic Day Tours have all inclusions itemised in each individual itinerary.

What to bring?

The following is advisable: Comfortable clothing or attire, walking shoes, sunscreen, hat, sunnies, medication, camera, light or wet weather jacket depending on the weather, walking shoes, fly net, swim gear if weather permits and we visit one of our amazing beaches.

Do you have age restrictions?

Not at all. Provided you meet an adequate health and activity level we welcome adventurers of all ages as long as you are fun-loving and spirited, desiring more connection, friendships, fun and laughter in your life 🙂 .

Can I bring my Wheelie Walker?

Absolutely, as long as you mention it upon booking so we can plan to make room for it on the bus.

Can I bring my wheelchair?

Unfortunately, not. At this stage, we do not have the ability or capability to cater for wheelchairs.

Can I bring an Esky or alcohol?

No alcohol is permitted to be consumed in the vehicle in accordance of the Liquor Licensing Act 119(4) (a).

As our commitment to be responsible hosts and to protect our Tour Operators licence, we do not allow eskies to be brought onto the Tour vehicle, due to lack of space.

Bottled water is supplied free of charge. Reasonable amounts of wine bought on tour will be kept in a safe place and handed back at the end of the tour.

If alcohol is opened/consumed on the bus, the driver is authorised to stop the tour and ask those offending passengers to disembark immediately.

There will be no refund of any part of the tour that has not been completed due to this occurrence.

Please be aware that the venues also have a responsible duty of care to all guests and will not accept anti-social behaviour.

They have the right to exercise their discretion not to serve individuals or groups alcohol and to ask people to leave their premises.

Our commitment is for you to have an enjoyable and safe outing on all our tours with due regard to the venues and to the members of the public.

What if I have special Dietary Requirements?

Please advise Epic Day Tours of any special dietary requirements at least 14 days before tours. Note that this will be on a request basis only, as Epic Day Tours cannot guarantee the availability of special meal types.

Our commitment is for you to have an enjoyable and safe outing on all our tours with due regard to the venues and to the members of the public.

Do you hire your bus for group bookings or charter?

Yes, we do. It is our intention to make adventures and tours as easy and fun as possible. Our tours can be customised for local and international tourists, corporate and special events. No matter how eccentric your activity, we will do our best to ensure 100% satisfaction.

How often is your brochure released?

Our brochures are released every quarter, generally a month prior to the beginning of each season – Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Join our vip club, you’ll automatically receive a copy of each new brochure in the mail. Alternatively, you can request one here.

Who is our driver and host?

Generally, Robert is our driver and, with his decades of extensive on-road experience, will have you feeling safe and secure. Christine is our hostess who will go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy a fun, smooth and pleasurable experience.

What is your cancellation policy?

Epic Day Tours charge cancellation fees.

ALL FARES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE/NON-TRANSFERABLE and where applicable must be paid in accordance with our terms and conditions.

(a) Cancellation 28-15 days before departure – 50% of fare.

(b) Cancellation 14 days or less before departure – 100% of fare.

Please see our full terms and conditions.

What is your passenger code of conduct?

Epic Day Tours has a Passenger Code of Conduct and, as such, Epic Day Tours representatives/crew or any carrier reserves the right at its discretion to exclude from a tour, or to terminate the travel arrangements of, any person during the course of the tour without refund, or anyone who

  • is incapable of caring for themselves without a minder/carer;
  • is unable to cope with the requirements of the tour or who may need or require services or facilities that are not available;
  • fails to comply with the reasonable instructions of Epic Day Tours crew;
  • engages in illegal or undesirable behaviour or interferes with the enjoyment of or jeopardises the safety of other participants;
  • is a hazard to themselves or other passengers; and/or
  • is likely to become objectionable to other passengers, Epic Day Tours staff and/or third-party suppliers.

How do I book a tour?

Simply book online at or get in touch via email for assistance.

If you have any other questions; please phone us on: 0407 477 245